CRTNPR 019 Scale + Parallel - From Machines With Love Scale + Fox - Helios


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(12 inch,White Label Criterion jacket)

Criterion Records make their long-awaited return to the scene with their very latest vinyl-only offering, 'From Machines With Love / Helios'. This time enrolling the talents of pioneering drum & bass producers Scale, Parallel and DJ Fox all with a collective output spanning a broad range of highly esteemed labels, including Aphacut, Foundation X, Logical Direction, DSCI4, Subtle Audio, Monochrome Recordings to name but a few.

Scale and Parallel take no prisoners with 'From Machines With Love', a track which invokes the essence of vintage, Blue Note era techstep with its use of hard-stepping Funky Mule breaks spliced with tearing amens, dark atmospherics and thundering bass booms. The track showcases the use of precision crafted beat programming that rivals the likes of Dillinja and Source Direct in their heyday, set to a bleak and ominous soundscape that will get followers of dark D&B craving for more.

The B-Side sees Scale return once more alongside DJ Fox on 'Helios', which opens with a series of languid, Boards Of Canada style synths which soon flow into crisp, rolling breaks before unleashing a tearing amen break laced with moody pads. As 'Helios' progresses we are then hit with flashes of jarring, hardcore stab riffs, a la Nasty Habits circa 1992, to interrupt the mellow vibe of the track.

As always Criterion Records, alongside Scale, Parallel and DJ Fox present yet another expertly crafted section of deep and atmospheric drum & bass tracks aimed squarely at the vinyl connoisseurs out there.