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born in Birmingham (UK), has always been into music since an early age. Some of his early musical memories come from many genre's including Reggae, Electro, Hip-Hop, Soul & Electronica. It was through his older brother, how he got exposed to fresh music growing up. 1995 was a pivotal year for Tidal, this was when he first got introduced to the sounds of LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad.

Through listening to a lot of tunes, from various mix albums like Promised Land & Logical Progression, he decided to venture into production in 1998, and then later progressed into Djing back in 2000.

Since his first demo, Tidal has received interest over the years from labels like Covert Operations, Inperspective and International labels like Testflight (D.C), Warm Communications (Texas), Offshore Recordings (NYC) and Camino Blue (Germany).

In 2008 Tidal’s track ‘Impressions’ which had been played out amongst the Birmingham based Central Projection Crew, later got signed to Good Looking Records, which was released in 2009.

Since his debut release on Good Looking Records, Tidal's 'Impressions' has done the rounds worldwide, with DJ Support from the likes of Fabio (BBC Radio 1), Big Bud, DJ Marky (Innerground) and Makoto (Japan). The track was also featured on Fabric Live (46) Mixed by LTJ Bukem.

Tidal continues to push the deeper side of drum and bass with his other signing to Good Looking, this time under the famous Looking Good label with a track called 'Deep Currents'. Expect more deepness from Tidal forthcoming on Advection Music and Good Looking Records.




Soulful and funky Drum & Bass producer and DJ from Chicago, USA.

A classically-trained keyboardist and working musician based in Chicago, STUNNA (aka J. Cappo) has crafted his own unique sound within the fast-paced world of Drum + Bass music.

With a number of strong releases on various high-profile labels coupled with a solid Stateside and international touring schedule under his belt, this Grammy-nominated, URB 'Next 100' producer and host of BASSDRIVE

Radio's popular weekly 'GREENROOM' show is determined to spread his own sound as well as exclusive tracks from talent around the world.

As his prolific catalogue of solo productions, collaborations and remixes has gained global support from DOC SCOTT, LTJ BUKEM, FABIO, MARKY, LOXY, NOOKIE, BIG BUD, MARCUS INTALEX, CALIBRE and many more, it's going to be another busy year ahead…..


is the production name of Scottish based producer Allan Cowie. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland this recent drum and bass convert is making waves with this atmospheric ambient & trance influenced tunes.
LM1 has now had a string of releases on Dispatch,Fokuz,Paradoxes Outsider,Offworld,Levitated,Translation,Absys,Kill inc,Rotation deep,Camino Blue,Transference,Cov-ops & Golden orb.


are a UK (Redditch) based Drum & Bass duo formed by Tommy Osgood (Scenic) & Lee Adkins (Advisory). While they have a penchant for the deep and atmospheric end of the D&B spectrum, blurring the lines between those and other genres is their focus.

Drawing inspiration from genres across the board from the pioneers of Electro, Hip-Hop, Glitch, IDM & Ambient from the 80s to the present they specialise in deep expansive soundscapes coupled with warm driving basslines, experimental breaks and intricate edits.

With releases on reputable labels such as Binary Soul, Allstreet Recordings and Urban Chemistry Scenic & Advisory have risen from newcomers to a recognisable outfit amongst the scene. With support from Dj’s such as Bassdrive’s Stunna, Overfiend, Method One, Magin, LM1, Fusion, SoulTec, Indigo Sync, Amnesty and artist/DJs such as Tidal, LJ High, Jaybee, Matik, Seathasky, Future Engineers, Smote, Bassflo, Johnny Beverton to name but a few the duo are making headway within the scene.

Now partnered with the mighty Offworld Recordings and with the support of master producer LM1, Scenic & Advisory have found the perfect platform to deliver their music to fans on a global scale and the freedom to take their music as far as their imaginations.


Drum & Bass producer and DJ from Bristol, Britain (UK)
Blade aka Levi Phillips started producing around 10 years ago and has been dj'ing more than 20 years, influenced by anything from Marvin Gay and Willie Hutch to Michael Jackson, John Mayer and Beethoven, Blade has a keen ear for a good groove and a razor sharp beat.

With releases on Telluric, Goodlooking and Think Deep to name a few Blade has had caught the attention of some D&B heavy weights such as Fabio, Goldie, Marky and LTJ Bukem playing his cuts and a weekly biases all over the globe and on the radio.

Blades infectious grooves and sharp beats caught the ear of LTJ Bukem around 5 years ago, and it was wasn't long before the liquid innovator began playing Blades vibes on a weekly basis.

Now, with tunes in Bukem's sets on a weekly biases, the whole world is becoming acquainted with Blades sounds. Set to release his first album entitled MOMENTS that change us on Telluric Recordings along with a exclusive 12" the future's looking bright. Currently collaborating with MJT, Andy Sim, Soultec, ,mSdoS, Clart, and Tidal, Blade is set for plenty more big hitters over the coming months.


story began back in 1999 when he landed a guest slot on legendary Dublin pirate station POWER FM alongside Don Rosco of the Bassbin crew. It didn't take very long before he was playing out regularly around Dublin city, landing gigs with the likes of the Gappy Foundation, Studio B, Bassbin's legendary "Refuge" and becoming a well known face in the Irish Drum and Bass scene.

In 2002 he was offered a show on Raidio Na Life 106.4FM, an Irish Language FM and Internet station broadcasting across the greater Dublin area; he used the opportunity to showcase a wide range of Drum and Bass styles, from blissed-out atmospheric rollers to darker old school tearouts and all points between, very swiftly gaining a reputation for consistently tight and creative mixing especially from guest DJs who he invited along and who then had to come face to face with the setup he was forced to work with week in week out!

A residency at Bassbin's "Refuge" night soon followed, playing in rotation with the cream of the crop of Dublin Drum and Bass heads, including Rohan & Naphta, Don Rosco, Polska, Elmo, Beta 2 and Zero Tolerance.

With the demise of Bassbin some years later sounding a bit of a death knell for Dublin Drum and Bass in the capital Ricky, together with partners in crime Barry Delta and Safetyboy decided to test the waters with their own night, initially called "The Beat Suite" their game was better than their name, thankfully, and they went on to be a valuable platform for local DJ's as well as flying in the heavyweights. One (merciful) change of a name (to REACH) and one move to a bigger venue later found the fledgling crew at the head of a 12-strong collective of Drum and Bass and Dubstep heads, running one of Dublin's most respected nights, as well as regularly hosting stages at festivals all around Ireland.

Ricky started producing in 2005, and by the next year already had the four-track "Aerial ep" signed to renowned net label Exegene. He never looked back and he's been busily tucked away in the lab ever since, twiddling knobs, chopping and splicing samples to his heart's content, trying to hone and perfect his sound.

Ricky has forthcoming releases and existing on the following labels; DSCi4, 36 Hertz, Jungle Syndicate, Criminal, Voodoo, Criterion Records, Ruff Revival, Danger Chamber, Pinecone Moonshine, Audio Buffet, Absys, Omni Music. And as of September 2012, his very own label - Pressin' Hard Records - with two tracks, Dublin 1 and You'll Never Know, co-written with Mecca. Pressing 100 limited vinyl 12's which sold out in just over a week. Giving way to the second release in May 2013 with two more tracks, Celestial and Falling. This time, selling out in less than a week. Big plans for 003 are in motion and about to drop very soon. Watch out for merchandise and exclusive remixes for Remarc, Randall and Intense. Keep those peepers peeled.

DJ support: Randall, Bailey, Equinox, Remarc and all the true Junglist soldiers.


Puerto Rican Jungle|Drum & Bass producer, Brian Bonilla, became fascinated with Jungle music when he first heard it in video games at an early age; so fascinated, that he started learning DAW's in order to make his own. His music is mainly based off of the "Amen Break", as a way to pay homage to the original formula of Jungle.

The sounds can be described as heavy programmed breaks with beautiful chilly atmospherics along clean basslines. Some releases, as well as unreleased projects can he heard at:


are part of the Beautifully Crafted Jungle unit and have grown up with the Drum & Bass / Jungle scene. Both have been collecting vinyl since their early teens and have built up a vast collection that would be the envy to many.
Having been good friends since their late teens they started playing on a couple of pirate radio stations back in the day and got the odd gig playing out. Around 3 years ago they purchased some equipment so they could start experimenting with making beats andthis progressed to them having releases in early 2014. ‘Evil Meets’ / ‘You & Me’ on Repertoire.
Currently working on many projects and linking with Tim Reaper laying it down and successfully releasing ’49 Artic’ seeing a CD release this year and also vinyl releases to come..‘Borderline’ on Hi Headz. Not to forget remixing a classic from skeleton recordings last year.
The Beautifully Crafted Jungle group was created on Facebook around 4 years ago as somewhere they can share their passion for the music along with their friends and family. The group is quickly gaining the respect it deserves. This has led to them putting on their own event nights in London which have been a success. You can catch Charlie Turbo, Mpathy and the rest of the Beautifully Crafted crew playing on every other Sunday.


Phuture-T started producing and spinning records around 2000. Back then he was into styles like Gabber, Techno and UK Hardouse, but he fell in love with Jungle and Drum and Bass pretty soon after. Since then Phuture-T has been doing the rounds on numerous party's with his energetic DJ sets throughout Holland, Germany, UK and even Asia.The last couple of years Phuture-T has been most devoted on the production tip, shedding a different light on the genre with his signature (drum)funk sound. Tracks like 'Amazon Basin' on Alphacut Records,'Ominous Maze' on Pinecone Moonshine, 'The Fugitive Drummer' on Inperspective Records and 'Stand Firm' on Eastern Promise Audio are good examples which reflect his musical influences: Dub, Funk and Jazz

Phuture-T is also running Eastern Promise Audio together with and Mr. Walker aka Grits.The label, established in 2011 is featuring inhouse artists like Rumbleton, Double O, Greenleaf, martianMan and Infest. Taking you on a journey into the deeper, darker side of Drum and Bass music.

Check out the releases on Bandcamp: 

Be sure to catch Phuture-T live in session on radio, bi-weekly on Fridays. 

Representing the beats!


Converted to hardcore breakbeat in 1992,Naphta started DJing Jungle in 1994. He played a pivotal role in championing the sounds of breakbeat in his native Dublin, particularly through a long-running radio show on renowned local pirate Power FM. There he honed his style, playing across the board - from Ragga Jungle through the emerging styles of atmospheric, jump-up and techstep - with the emphasis on breakbeat rhythms. In isolation from the UK scene,he developed a unique DJing style that saw him mashup cutting-edge Reinforced plates with rollers, steppers and anything infused with the urgency and creativity of the original Hardcore Jungle blueprint.

A chance meeting with fellow No-U-Turn fan Rohan in early 1996 saw Naphta established as resident DJ at Dublin's legendary Bassbin nights, out of which emerged the renowned label. Supporting gigs for UK luminaries such as Doc Scott, Ed Rush and Optical, J Majik and Photek saw Naphta cement his reputation on the decks as an uncompromising DJ with vision and talent to rival Bassbin's international guests. 

Through Bassbin, Naphta helped establish Ireland's dnb scene, mentoring and supporting many of Ireland's first wave of production talent in drum n bass, including Zero Tolerance, Beta 2, Polska - and later, Junglist soldier Ricky Force. Naphta also played a significant role in setting up the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (D.E.A.F), which, from 2002 to 2009, hosted guests as diverse as 4Hero,Galaxy2Galaxy, Coil, Mu-Ziq, Nurse With Wound and Paradox - alongside a host of Irish electronic acts. 

Naphta has released his own 12" productions on Bassbin (and sub-label Looney Tunes), Ruff Revival, and Lightless Recordings, along with four album: two collections of Jungle on The Fear/Ruff Revival, and the scorching politically-inspired sampledelia of 'Democracy Now' Parts 1 and 2 on Dublin's D1 Recordings.

Drum Cypha has been producing for around 20 years but made his d'n'b debut on Digital's legendary Function imprint in 2007, before going on to release music on such revered labels as Timeless Recordings and Scientific Wax, garnering global DJ support from the likes of Goldie, Fabio, Bailey, Grooverider, Storm, Digital, John B, Equinox, Bladerunner and many more in the process.  

Now affiliated with Criterion and a whole host of up and coming labels - as well as running brand new imprint Holotype Audio together with Champa B - you can expect to see and hear alot more from the Welsh wizard in the future.

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