Criterion Records


Criterion Records established in 2013 and its a record label who focuses on deep atmospheric Amenistic Drum n’ Bass sounds. 

Nothing more, nothing less than pure underground rollers, recorded strictly on limited edition 12”.
In such a way Criterion aims to provide you with some of the finest high-octane Drum n’ Bass tunes. Its music style varies, in an effort to bring to your ears different styles, styles that we at Criterion acknowledge as the current trends in the Drum n’ Bass scene of today.

Releases so far include some very best tracks from artists such as ,
Tidal, Stunna, LM1, Griever, Scenic, Malaky, Ricky Force, Blade, Tim Reaper, Msdos, Artificial Skys, Charlie Turbo & M Pathy, Ruturn:II, Champa B. Stay tuned for more forthcoming releases of the label on:

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